Who We Work With

People who feel stuck or feel their wheels are turning and they are not making enough progress for the effort they are putting in.  They want to see results and are ready to put in the effort to change what is not working.  They are ready for a change

We assist people to get clearer on what they more of, and move away from, what they don’t  –  we provide tools to empowere organisation and individuals by education and empowering them through events, programs and products.

Jodie’s goal is to assist you to get clarity, to remove obstacles, to assist you to acheive your business and personal goals faster and easier than you imagined.

GET IT DONE – Jodie stanley Professional Orgainser – Life is fullof priorities – I help people to focus on what matters most – and what will make the ninggest and best differences to them.

Writing down and planning recording this keeps people a lot more accountable.  Those needing motivation and keeping on track and honest with what is happening and what is not.

AddressPO BOX 539, MARIAN, QLD, 4753, Australia


Email  jodie@jodiestanley.com

Website  www.sogetitdone.com


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