Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local Kick Start Workplace Health

Let me introduce myself if we have not met before – my name is Jodie Stanley and I am a pedometer wearer.  There I admit it.  I am also a fitbit user.  Apparently you can borrow them form Medicare Local – what a great idea.

My job does involve going to site, but I do a lot of sitting down – actually a lot more than I would like to.  I have tried to standing desk, but I got rid of my more comfortable chair with arms and am not sitting on a backless armless chair.

Just thought I should share some time sensitive information that at the end of May funding for this round ends at the end of the month.  You have a couple of days.

They also have wonderful information and resources and staff are very friendly and helpful.

I assisted in the successful submission for Central Queensland Quantity Surveying to get some assistance and there will be upcoming health workshop – details are yet to be finalised.  This is a great time to start a conversation and get a Kick Start for Workplace Health.

Details can be found here

What have you tried at your workplace?

What would you like to try?