5 simple things people can try to reduce risks while using social media for long periods

Often we can see things are not quite right when we use technology.

Here are some suggestions that might prevent strains, pains and injury.


Poor Posture hurts you.  When you look down there are extra stresses your neck when you look down on your device.  It can cause a wide range of potential pain including issues with your arms, neck, shoulder and back – even headaches.

Eye Strain – symptoms can include blurred vision, headaches and visual discomfort when using for extended periods.   Ideally raise the device to your head remains in a neutral positions, at the ideal distance.

Hand Fatigue – often devices need to be held with one hand.  The other hand often uses fine motor movement which can fatigue the small muscle groups that are at risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).  Even a light device held in a fixed period without support may cause discomfort.  Also if or when using a stylus it is ideal to have a larger grip, avoiding tight pinched grips.

Tech Neck - Position of the Device higher than the lap – tilt the screen toward your eyes or adjust the size of text– have device at a good distance to prevent forward bending – consider an armrest if the device must be held to prevent fatigue.  Avoid twisted or asymmetrical postures.

Different method of input - If you need to input data to device consider a separate external keyboard to allow for more efficient and more ergonomic input devices or use shortcuts to reduce keystrokes required.  Consider using speech recognition applications.  It can greatly reduce or remove the need to using a keyboard.

Rest breaks - Take short breaks every 30 minutes and use stretching techniques to reduce soreness of muscles that are being overworked.

Consider doing things differently.  Remember it is important to rest and recover.

Have good form when you are working.

Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local Kick Start Workplace Health

Let me introduce myself if we have not met before – my name is Jodie Stanley and I am a pedometer wearer.  There I admit it.  I am also a fitbit user.  Apparently you can borrow them form Medicare Local – what a great idea.

My job does involve going to site, but I do a lot of sitting down – actually a lot more than I would like to.  I have tried to standing desk, but I got rid of my more comfortable chair with arms and am not sitting on a backless armless chair.

Just thought I should share some time sensitive information that at the end of May funding for this round ends at the end of the month.  You have a couple of days.

They also have wonderful information and resources and staff are very friendly and helpful.

I assisted in the successful submission for Central Queensland Quantity Surveying to get some assistance and there will be upcoming health workshop – details are yet to be finalised.  This is a great time to start a conversation and get a Kick Start for Workplace Health.

Details can be found here https://www.tmml.com.au/assets/files/Rural%20Health%20Services/Kickstart%20Funding%20-%20About.pdf

What have you tried at your workplace?

What would you like to try?